Pathway Plan for 2012

ABC for Health Unveils Its Pathway Plan for 2012 - An Alternative to the DHS Proposal


On Thursday, November 3, ABC for Health unveiled “The Pathway Plan for 2012,” a creative and cost effective public-private partnership and an alternative to Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services Waiver proposal to CMS that drastically restructures and limits or eliminates coverage for many BadgerCare and Medicaid recipients. Bobby Peterson, public interest attorney, director of ABC for Health and author of the plan implored the Joint Finance Committee to take a smarter approach and examine better alternatives to the DHS plan that rips massive holes in the successful BadgerCare pool. Peterson says “the Pathway Plan for 2012 could eventually cover all Wisconsin residents while providing high-quality care, continued choice, and strong consumer protections. While building from a solid foundation, the Pathway Plan for 2012 proposes to expand health care coverage, significantly lower costs, and ensure that all Wisconsinites have access to both coverage and quality medical services.”

More about the Pathway Plan for 2012

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For more information, please contact:

  • Bobby Peterson
  • Public Interest Attorney, Executive Director
  • ABC for Health, Inc.
  • 32 N Bassett St, Madison, WI 53703
  • 608-444-7197

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