About ABC for Health, Inc.

ABC for Health is a Wisconsin-based, nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to linking children and families, particularly those with special needs, to health care benefits and services.

ABC for Health, Inc. works to develop and promote a nationally recognized, integrated model of Health Benefits Counseling, legal services, and policy advocacy that promotes access to health care coverage and services for all people.  Our multi-purpose education strategies help to inform customers, providers, and the broader community of health care coverage options.

At the same time, with an eye toward the bigger picture solutions, our direct client advocacy and legal services help low-income and health disparity populations obtain and maintain a connection to health care coverage and services. And our direct client approach informs our ability to recommend credible and tangible policy solutions. ABC provides some level of assistance to all people that contact our agency seeking help.

This past year, we experienced increasing client requests for specific legal help related to health care coverage or insurance with increased complexity of those cases. In our changing health care landscape,  unchallenged legal and policy obstacles make it more difficult to connect low-income individuals and families with needed coverage and care.

Through it all, ABC for Health continued as a leading voice for low-income children and families about access to appropriate and meaningful health care coverage in Wisconsin. We provided legal and benefits advocacy services in response to nearly 2,000 requests for assistance this year, and have responded to more than 42,000 requests for assistance in our past 22 years. We prioritize serving families of children with special health care needs and low income clients with matters relating to health care coverage, financing, and access to services.

Some of our new projects and achievements to note:

•In April of 2016, our annual HealthWatch Wisconsin conference helped educate and inform over 120 healthcare policy stakeholders from across Wisconsin and our newsletters reached our list of over 4,500 stakeholders. 

•In July 2016, we successfully collaborated to secure a major federal child health outreach/education grant called “Wisconsin Coverage Connections™” for a 27 county service area of Northwest Wisconsin. ABC will provide expert support, training, and complex case resolution for children.

•We provided numerous publications and over webinars about fundamental issues of access to health care coverage to help children, parents and the medical service providers who help them. More specifically, through our in-house webcasting studio, we produced almost 100 webcasts and helped educate thousands of stakeholders across Wisconsin!

•Moreover, ABC’s unique service model generates positive returns for clients and the community. Over 10 years, our partnership with a single hospital generated nearly $37 million in reimbursements with a return on investment of better than 23:1. Our efforts saved individual patients an average of $6,000 in potential medical debt from only our first encounter.

In 2016, at ABC for Health and our subsidiaries ABC for Rural Health and My Coverage Plan, Inc., we continued to grow a program of Health Benefits Counseling services and trainings—the origin of Precision Patient Advocacy™. This emerging patient interview, engagement, and advocacy strategy provided by trained and skilled Health Benefits Counselors offers opportunities to promote health equity through improved access to health coverage and care for disparity patients. Like the emerging field of Precision Medicine, Precision Patient Advocacy™ offers exciting possibilities.

As we continue to serve an increasing number of individuals, families, and children in the months ahead, we will continue thinking of strategies to better promote Precision Patient Advocacy and related technologies as we work to reduce health disparities. ABC for Health and My Coverage Plan create a unique partnership and an emerging model of social entrepreneurship to do just this.

Our Mission

ABC for Health’s mission is to provide the community of both patients and providers with the information, advocacy tools, legal services, and expert support they need to secure health care coverage and services.

Our Vision

ABC for Health, a nonprofit public-interest law firm, will develop a nationally recognized, integrated model of Health Benefits Counseling and legal services and policy advocacy that promotes a universal system of health care coverage and access for all people.

We will develop multi-purpose education strategies to inform customers and providers of health care coverage options while also advocating directly for individuals disenfranchised from health care coverage and services.

ABC for Health will also serve as a catalyst in the development of local HealthWatch coalitions as well as other partnerships and strategic alliances to influence public policy and opinion while also working to maximize all available health care coverage options for people.

Annual Reports (pdf)

Annual Report 2015-2016

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